Select Committee on Public Accounts Twenty-First Report


Supplementary memorandum from the Office of Government Commerce (PAC 2001-02/59)

  The Office of Government Commerce has provided the Committee with a copy of its Code of Good Customer Practice—Working with Suppliers, which is intended to improve working relationships between departments and their key suppliers so as to realise value for money improvements in procurement, including professional services. How is it monitoring how the good practice which it recommends is being adopted by departments?

  The OGC Supervisory Board has endorsed the adoption of the Code of Good Customer Practice across civil central government. OGC plans to carry out a survey of both awareness and compliance with the code—to be undertaken next summer.

  In addition, suppliers have been invited to report incidents of non-compliance with the code and report it to the relevant department or to the Office of Government Commerce. This is the first time suppliers have had such an opportunity.

November 2001

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Prepared 14 March 2002