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Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Home Office

Question 63: Summary breakdown of Home IT expenditure 2000-01?

  Home Office IT expenditure for 2000-01 was £210.741 million. This figure includes expenditure by the department itself, its agencies and NDPBs. Among the larger contracts are the following:

    —  Sirius—The provision of support and maintenance to the core Home Office IT infrastructure, desktop network and telecommunications services

    —  Quantum—The provision of support and maintenance to HM Prison Service IT infrastructure, desktop network and telecommunications services

    —  Airwave—A new digital communications service for Police

    —  NSPIS—Case Preparation and Custody applications for the Police

    —  IBIS—Criminal Justice IT programme

    —  IAFP—The Immigration Asylum Fingerprint Project to create and implement an automatic fingerprint identification system.

Question 119: Split of costs between the Home Office and Probation Areas?

  The cost of the NPSISS contract can be divided between the centre (Home Office) and local services. This division shows that the centre contributed approximately 30 per cent to the cost, the remaining 70 per cent being paid by the Probation Service (areas). This division does not include costs for Home Office and local project management and consultancy expenditure nor local training costs. Until 1 April 2001, 80 per cent of each Probation Service's funding was provided through Home Office grant. The Probation Service is now wholly funded by the Home Office.

  In relation to Probation Services which did not become part of the NPSISS infrastructure, these services were expected to finance their infrastructures through local funding and did not receive capital grant funding from the Home Office.

  As a result of several breaches of the conditions of the contract including the shortfall in the number of wide area network connections compared with the minimum specified in the agreement, a £2 million payment was made to Bull/Integris. This was paid centrally by the Home Office. This payment was highlighted in the NAO report.

Question 172: Value of bids for NPSISS

  The three bids for the NPSISS contract in 1994 were as follws:

    —  Bull £27,973,951

    —  Digital £36,407,693

    —  ICL £26,101,252

  After assessment, Bull was selected as it offered the best value overall. It is not possible to judge how much overruns in the unsuccessful bids would have been.

Home Office

November 2001

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