Select Committee on Public Accounts Twenty-Ninth Report


The Department should ensure that all NAPNOC contracts have an Equality of Information Pricing Statement in place before a contract is placed.
The Department should conclude its review of Post-Costing activity to ensure that Post-Costing takes place within a timeframe that maximises the benefits.
The Department should review whether there is scope to extend the application of partnering across more non-competitive contracts.
The Department should conduct a review of its existing guidance on non-competitive procurement to ensure that it is both accessible and up-to-date.
The Department should regularly review the arrangements it has in place for pricing contracts with overseas contractors to ensure that these arrangements provide the best possible assurance that value for money is being achieved
Any further consideration of the resources allocated to the Pricing Directorate should be assessed in light of the potential for improving the efficiency of the process as well as a quantified assessment of the benefits the Directorate produces, in relation to other priorities for resources.
The Department should ensure that it always utilises existing techniques to generate the best possible Should Cost data to ensure a robust pricing process.
All NAPNOC contracts should have a joint risk register.
Risk Registers for non-competitive contracts should include an assessment of the additional risks due to their non-competitive nature
The Department should ensure that it has visibility of how the contractor manages its sub-contracts.
There needs to be greater realism regarding the timescales set for negotiating non-competitive prices.
The Department should manage and understand its business by always focusing on value for money and should again review the need to have a set performance measure for the amount of procurement it competes.

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Prepared 19 April 2002