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Supplementary memorandum submitted by HM Treasury

Question 28: Examples of Invest to Save Budget (ISB) projects involving partnership in local communities?

  The ISB supports a wide range of local projects. Six examples are:

  1.  The Oldham Business Management School (OBMS). This project is led by Oldham Borough Metropolitan Council and provides a flexible business support, training and education environment, catering for businesses and individuals. The school is also networked with other education establishments.

  2.  Positive Parenting Network. This project which is led by Medway Council provides parents with better quality information, advice and practical support to encourage positive parenting. It enables the various statutory organisations who work with Medway's children and their families to collaborate more effectively and in doing so, to provide services in a more innovative and efficient manner.

  3.  Single Child Health Database. This project is developing a single integrated child health database for the whole of Birmingham, for use in planning and delivery of services. It is investigating the use of a single identifier for all children aged 0-16, based on NHS Registration number; and creating data to support the review by agencies of behaviours of and outcomes for children.

  4.  Nottingham Partnership. This project which is led by Nottingham City Council is investigating the potential for jointly administrating a range of benefits provided by central and local government to a range of clients, including those in residential care and pensioners.

  5.  The Wolverhampton Bereavement Centre brings together the services of the Benefits Agency, housing benefits administration, probate, council tax, Inland Revenue and the local authority's burial/cremation services under one roof; and reduces the number of times bereaved relatives have to provide information to public bodies.

  6.  The Children's Network On-line Service which is led by Liverpool City Council involves the development of an integrated website with local service information, on-line forms, and systems designed to help children in public care, disabled children, carers, agency staffs and the public.

Question 83: Has the ISB provided support for projects which reduce bed blocking?

  The programme has supported three partnership projects which aim to address this problem.

  1.  The "Immediate Support at Home" project led by Wakefield Health Authority is directed primarily at older people and its aims are to encourage independence, facilitate hospital discharge, and prevent admission to hospital or other forms of residential care.

  2.  Gateshead Council and Gateshead & South Tyneside Health Authority are implementing a new social care information system supporting hospital discharge and access to information in emergency situations. This will make available information on social care services to acute health services and out of office hours emergency services.

  3.  Leeds City Council and Leeds Health Authority have received funding for a community care centre which will provide an intermediate care service for older people. The service will offer residential rehabilitation, respite and short term care with the aim of facilitating discharge from acute care and preventing unnecessary admissions.

Mr Stephen Mitchell
Head of Better Public Services
General Expenditure Policy
HM Treasury

February 2002

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Prepared 18 April 2002