Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


Under previous arrangements (£ million, on a cash basis)

91-92   92-93  93-94   94-95   95-96  96-97   
Royal yacht12.5a,e 8.4b,d,e8.4 d,e11.4e 8.4e10.4 g
Queen's flight7.1a 7.6b,d9.1 d9.0i 4.9i6.9 i
Civil flights0.7a 0b,d0.1 d0.2d 0i0.3i
Royal train2.6c,f 2.6c,f2.8 c,f2.5f 2.0f,h1.9 f,h
Total22.9   18.6  20.4   23.1   15.3  19.5   
Total air and rail10.4   10.2   12.0 11.7   6.9   9.1  


  a.   PQ 19/2/93 (ref. 219 c366-7W; 219 c358-9W).

  b.  PQ 16/7/93 (ref. 228 c719W; 228 c717W).

  c.  PQ 27/2/95 (ref. 255 c463-4W; 255 c460-1W).

  d.  PQ 5/4/95 (ref. 257 c1151-2W; 257 c1149W).

  e.  PQ 28/1/97 (ref. 288 c199W).

  f.  PQ 5/2/97 (ref. 289 c647-8W) Note: answer rounds 92/93 down to £2.5 million.

  g.  PQ 5/12/97 (ref. 302 c385W).

  h.  From Department of Transport Appropriation Accounts: Class VI, Vote 3 (95/96) and Class V, Vote 3 (96/97).

  i.  Figures supplied by MOD and DTLR.


The figures for expenditure against the grant-in-aid in 1997-98—on a full cost basis—were:

32 Squadron and royal helicopters
£14.5 million
Civil scheduled and chartered flights
£1.4 million
Royal train
£1.2 million

In addition, the Household and the grant-in-aid incurred administration expenses of £200,000. These figures are set out in Figures 5 and 10 of the C&AG's Report (HC 25 of 2001-02) and analysed in more detail in accompanying text.

However, it is not possible to make direct or sensible comparisons between the 1997-98 figures and those for previous years, without significant adjustment. This is because earlier years' figures were prepared solely in terms of cash costs whereas from 1997-98 the costs of 32 Squadron (which accounted for 85 per cent of the 1997-98 budget) included a full attribution of overhead and support costs.

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Prepared 4 September 2002