Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


Livestock Schemes
Total number of applicants under the Livestock Schemes 171,145
Total number of animals claimed12,583,977

Number of cases where penalties applied
on animals over declared:
To applicants with up to 20 animals10,874
    Where there is a
    —    difference of one or two animals 9,012
    —    difference of three or four animals 1,450
    —    difference of more than four animals 412

To applicants with more than 20 animals
    Where there is a
    —    difference of up to 5% in animal numbers 1,321
    —    difference of between 5% and 20% 537
    —    difference of greater than 20% 247

Arable Area Payment Schemes
Total number of applicants under the Area Payment Schemes 73,059

Number of penalties applied on:
Late applications490
Over declarations of area claimed on7,172
    —    blocks of up to 3% of the area claimed or 2 ha 5,389
    —    blocks of between 3%/2 ha but not more than 20% 1,389
    —    blocks overclaimed by more than 20% 394

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Prepared 22 August 2002