Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Inland Revenue

Question 188: The Committee asked for information about the differential take-up of e-services across the regions?

The table below provides a summary by Region of:

    —  the number of internet filers dealt with by offices in the Region*

    —  the number of internet filers living within the Region.
RegionNumber of Internet filers dealt with by offices in the Region* Number of Internet filers living in the Region
Central England10,287 17,782
Northern England29,488 11,075
Northern Ireland624 480
Scotland11,142 4,979
Southern England15,737 24,936
Totals74,869 74,236

*An office by office breakdown of returns filed by internet is attached as at Annex A.

The figures for internet filers dealt with within a particular Region are different to those for the internet filers that live within that region. An individual's home, or indeed their place of work, will not necessarily be located in the same Region as the office that handles his or her tax affairs. For example, most PAYE schemes for London businesses are handled in London Provincial Districts, which are located outside London.

The totals for the number of internet filers in each column differ slightly. This is because the two sets of figures are "snapshots" taken at different times during the day on 31 January 2002 (the last date for submitting tax returns for 2000-01).

Inland Revenue

April 2002

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Prepared 29 August 2002