Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 140-141)


MONDAY 13 MAY 2002

  140. Ms McDonald, would you prefer to go back to Departments and share this information with us?
  (Mavis McDonald) We may not have made it clear to the Committee that neither the OGC, nor the Cabinet Office anywhere else, nor the Office of the e-Envoy, see every individual major project that is going on. The detailed negotiations of the business case are with the Treasury. We do get involved in specifics, either if Andrew's team are helping Departments develop an idea and are working in tandem with them, or if the OGC have done a gateway review and been asked by the Treasury to comment on some specific proposals. At the moment we are not collecting that detail; the Treasury are collecting that detailed information across the board. We work with the Treasury very closely on this. Certainly it is something that we can look at again in terms of what information we are gathering between us.

  141. Can the Treasury give us an interim assessment then? If this work has been carried out can you share some of your work with us in a note?
  (Mr Molan) We can certainly consider what we can provide.[7]

  Chairman: Thank you Ms McDonald, Mr Pinder and Mr Barrett for coming before us. Clearly, if your ambitions are realised, we are going to see a revolution in the way that services are delivered. This is a very important subject and this hearing could be the start of something very important. Thank you very much. Order, order.

7   Ev 18, Appendix 1. Back

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Prepared 28 August 2002