Select Committee on Public Administration Seventh Report


Thursday 25 October 2001

[HC 263-i]

Mr John Edmonds and Mr Mick Graham

Thursday 8 November 2001

[HC 263-ii]

Professor The Lord Plant of Highfield

Thursday 15 November 2001

[HC 263-iii]

Lord Haskins and Mr Martin Taylor

Mr Digby Jones, Amanda McIntyre and Mr Charles Cox

Thursday 22 November 2001

[HC 263-iv]

Mr Rod Aldridge and Mr John Tizard

Mr Dave Prentis, Maggie Jones and Margie Jaffe

Thursday 29 November 2001

[HC 263-v]

Sir Steven Robson, Mr Jonathan Baume and Mr Jack Dromey

Professor Gerry Stoker and Mr John Williams

Thursday 6 December 2001

[HC 263-vi]

Sir David Ramsbotham and Mr Will Hutton

Lord Lipsey, Dr Madsen Pirie and Mr Michael Jacobs

Thursday 13 December 2001

[HC 263-vii]

Dr Wendy Thomson

Cllr Sir Jeremy Beecham, Cllr Gordon Keymer and Cllr Sir Harry Jones

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Prepared 24 June 2002