Select Committee on Public Administration Minutes of Evidence

Letter from Charlotte Morgan (GI 03)

  I understand my name was mentioned during the Select Committee hearing on 28 February 2002 with the implication that I had been "moved" from the DTLR press office following an alleged difference of views with Jo Moore.

  I am currently a UK Civil Service stagiaire working for the Press Service of the European Commission. This is a prestigious scheme enabling civil servants to experience life and work in the European Union. I am participating in this scheme for this experience and to further my career development. It is a five and a half month secondment, after which I will return to DTLR.

  I would like it to be put on the record that my secondment to Brussels has absolutely nothing to do with Jo Moore nor anyone else. The implication that I was "moved" from the DTLR is completely untrue. I first applied for this secondment in April 2001, before Stephen Byers and Ms Moore were at the DTLR (then DETR). Far from being "moved", it actually took a lot of hard work on my part to get here and it is something of an insult both to me and to the Commission to suggest otherwise.

  Moreover, I was actually quoted in The Times of 26 February 2002 as saying: "My move to Brussels is nothing to do with all that happened in the past. It is something I wanted to do".

  My own personal and professional relations with Ms Moore have always been good and I would not wish it to be implied otherwise.

Charlotte L.E. Morgan

March 2002

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Prepared 28 March 2002