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Select Committee on Public Administration Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 540-547)



Mr Trend

  540. I was just reflecting on more information being given. You have tried hard at doing this but it is the matching question as well, is it not? You do not know what you might want to do or what they might want you to do, and there must be a better way, particularly using the internet, to have this list of bodies. If they are in receipt of £24 billion they ought to have a website. There ought to be a way of requiring them to say what it is they expect of people who are appointed in a voluntary capacity. This is the sort of thing which the web does so easily and so well. I would have thought that was something we could suggest.
  (Ms Glover) Yes.


  541. One thing which cannot happen when you fill in these forms, apart from writing down, "I am this person, I am white, I have children, I have done nothing in my life", they have no idea who you are. Ideally, it would be better if you were interviewed, would it not? If you have a few minutes with someone, you would know at once whether this person was any good and you could distinguish one of your e-mail correspondents from the other one. Do you not feel, having applied for this, if you could be interviewed for a few minutes by somebody, they would see immediately they could put you on a specific council—
  (Ms Glover) Yes. When I was filling in the form I thought (a) I look extraordinarily dull on paper and (b) I am just a name with a list of qualifications and jobs after it and no more than that. Yes, I ticked the boxes saying sport and leisure were of interest to me but I thought, "That is not personal at all" and I have not really had an opportunity to tell anybody what I would really like to do.

Mr Trend

  542. The problem is you do not know what you want to do.
  (Ms Glover) No, but I had no opportunity to enthuse about anything on that form.

  543. If there were a National Cricket Council and you thought, "That's for me" and you read up about it and thought, "I could do this", you could have written in saying, "I am particularly interested in the National Cricket Council. I have a lot to give in the nets" or something like that.
  (Ms Glover) If you log on and you reply in that way, you are absolutely right, you should be able immediately to get on to lots of different websites, so you can surf around and see what some of these bodies do. If they then have a section where you can send them more information about yourself, it seems to be a perfect way of going a bit deeper; more joined-up.


  544. That is the word. The big question is, did you write "Fi" on your form?
  (Ms Glover) Yes, I did.

  545. Ah, you may wait five years then.
  (Ms Glover) I may be in the dustbin of shortened names.

  546. Will you tell us what happens?
  (Ms Glover) Of course I will. Do listen to the programme.

  Chairman: This is the offer. We, in turn, will phone your programme up and boost your figures.

  Mr Liddell-Grainger: "Tony from Westminster"!

  Kevin Brennan: Which one!


  547. It has been really useful.
  (Ms Glover) Thank you very much for your time.

  Chairman: We have enjoyed it. It has been very profitable. Thank you very much indeed and do let us know what happens.

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Prepared 26 June 2002