Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence



Direct—Construction and Operation of the Restored Canal

Regeneration£78.381 million investment
  —  110 km length of the canal environmentally enhanced
  —  120 ha of canal/adjacent land benefiting from environmental improvements
  —  290 FTE construction jobs
  —  70 per cent plus of employment within a 30 mile radius of the site
  —  500 construction training places
  —  40 FTE operation and maintenance jobs safeguarded
Tourism1.75 million additional visitors pa due to canal improvements
  —  £6 million pa of spend associated with informal visitors
  —  120 FTEs at Partnership Areas, 25 FTEs at the Scottish level
  —  £3.1 million pa of spend associated with additional boating use
  —  100 FTEs at the Scottish level
Social InclusionOpportunity to create employment and training initiatives targeted at disadvantaged areas experiencing economic exclusion and environmental disamenity
  —  New Deal—  Welfare to Work employment placements
  —  Environmental Task Force
  —  Voluntary Sector
  —  Intermediate Labour Market
  —  Community Economic Development Linkages
  —  Sustainable Development

Indirect—Development of Sites across Central Scotland

TourismThe Link will create a corridor of tourism opportunities at key nodes along the canal.
  —  5 significant visitor attractions (200,000 visitors pa)
  —  15 smaller attractions (50,000-70,000 visitors pa)
  —  2 million visits pa producing spend of £24 million pa
  —  650 FTEs at Partnership Areas and 465 FTEs at the Scottish level
  —  50 Tourism SMEs along the corridor
  —  20 Community businesses employing 100 FTEs
Business SitesMajor development sites along the canal corridor released or enhanced by the project
  —  4 major development sites identified, with potential, in areas of market demand
  —  Enhanced environment of restored canal stimulating developer interest within 5 years
  —  Areas of potential include Glasgow; Kirkintilloch; Falkirk/Grangemouth and West Lothian and Edinburgh
  —  Potential to accommodate 2,800 net FTEs and generate income of £56 million
  —  Interest from housing developers based in the unique opportunity afforded by the canal
RegenerationOpportunities to stimulate, strengthen and integrate the regeneration process.
  —  Enhancement of existing regeneration activities eg Port Dundas/Ruchill corridor
  —  450 FTE jobs created from site development and remediation works associated with tourism and business projects
Social InclusionBuild on partnership activities to increase training and employment opportunities.
  —  500 construction training places related to new tourism development
  —  Community Economic Development Linkages
  —  Affordable housing in sustainable communities

  (Source—taken from DTZ Pieda Report, February 1998)

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Prepared 19 December 2001