Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence




    —  Permission granted for a 370 house development at the heavily contaminated Reddingmuirhead site.

    —  Permission granted for a major mixed use development at Gilston.

    —  Falkirk Wheel visitor centre nearing completion and is expected to attract upwards of 150,000 visitors per annum. Associated accommodation and leisure facilities are under discussion.

    —  Marketing of Rosebank Distillery currently under way for range of uses including leisure related to the canal.

    —  Development proposals study for the Tamfourhill Corridor are under current consideration.


    —  Morrison Homes pursuing plans for major housing development at Bowling Basin.

    —  Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire are promoting an extended Framework for Development of the Clyde Riverside area encompassing 475 acres of land between the Forth and Clyde Canal and the River Clyde and extending from the Erskine Bridge to Clydebank Town Centre.

    —  SED are discussing development proposals for the former Carless Oil Depot site at Old Kilpatrick for a mix of housing and business space.

    —  The recently launched Kirkintilloch Initiative, a £39 million initiative to deliver social, economic and other benefits to the town, will assist the implementation of Southbank, a joint BW, SED EDC project on the banks of the Canal at Kirkintilloch.

    —  Canal-related training and business opportunities are being considered in East Dunbartonshire.

North Lanarkshire

    —  Proposals for the development of marina facilities at Auchinstarry are under consideration as are plans for a leisure development at Craigmarloch.

    —  An application has been submitted for a mixed housing and leisure development at Kelvin Valley Leisure Park.


    —  At Lochrin Basin, Edinburgh Quay Ltd, a joint venture between Miller Developments and BW has received planning permission for a mixed use development embracing the land at the canal terminus.

    —  Fountainbridge Developments have received planning permission for a mixed use development, including 85 flats at Fountainbridge, opposite the terminus of the canal and site clearance work has commenced.

    —  At Ratho Quarry construction work is under way on the development of the National Rock Climbing Centre of Scotland, a £4.5 million investment that is receiving support from the Lottery and Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothians.

    —  A planning application has been submitted for a housing and leisure development incorporating a hotel and country park together with a marina facility at Wilkie's Basin.

    —  Commercial office and showroom developments have been undertaken by Miller Developments at Hermiston Quay.

    —  In Wester Hailes the community are preparing proposals for a community operated bunkhouse and activity centre.

West Lothian

    —  Further housing developments are under consideration in West Lothian at Broxburn and Taywood Homes have commenced a new housing development at Waterside Meadows which has a capacity of 208 homes.

    —  A development brief has been prepared for a 6ha. partly contaminated site adjacent to the Union Canal in Broxburn which will include housing and a district supermarket. The viability of a marina facility is also under consideration.


    —  NCS Ltd have completed a 10,000 sq ft head office and warehouse at Rodney St adjoining the canal.

    —  Work is nearing completion at Skaethorn Rd adjacent to Maryhill Locks where Stewart Milne Homes are constructing 97 new houses in a £9 million scheme.

    —  At Anniesland, work is progressing on the redevelopment of Anniesland Village Business Park adjoining the canal. Scottish Enterprise Glasgow are assisting in the development by Newstead Properties Ltd of a mix of flats and houses totalling some 200 units.

    —  Following the success of a pilot intermediate labour project in Glasgow North last year, a £300,000 "Canal Training and Employment Project" is now under way. The project partners include Glasgow North Ltd, BW, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow North Social Inclusion Partnership, and Scottish Natural Heritage.and aims to provide employment and training for at least 16 local unemployed people over a period of two years.


    —  Specific canal-related business development support is required across the ML on a co-ordinated basis. Discussions are taking place with BW to put an appropriate framework in place.

    —  Under the auspices of a steering group comprising representatives of BW, SE and the area tourist boards, a marketing study for the Millennium Link has recently been concluded and the outcomes and required future actions are under consideration.

  The foregoing is not intended to provide a comprehensive picture at this stage but to give a feel for wide ranging initiatives being undertaken as a result of the strong geographical focus which the Millennium Link has provided.

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Prepared 19 December 2001