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Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 80 - 81)



  80. On that particular point, 200,000 plus is a major visitor attraction, the Falkirk Wheel is one of them, can you tell us what the other four are?
  (Mr McGilp) I do not think they were identified specifically. The presumption was it would be possible to deliver that number.


  81. We have exhausted all our questions to you, gentlemen. If there is anything you wish to add please do so now.
  (Mr McGilp) Can I make one final comment, simply because I feel it has not come out in the comments so far, part of Scottish Enterprise's role is a higher level of aspiration for Scotland to be a competitive place in the broadest sense, retaining population, encouraging people to come and live here, including the quality of place, I think this project makes a significant contribution to those wider objectives, addressing areas of disparity and promoting regeneration objectives and raising the game in Scotland generally.
  (Mr O'Connor) Can I make one more point about the Millennium Commission as we are coming to the end of our life. I think the Millennium Commission because of the general purpose and nature of its funding, it is not heritage, it is not arts, it is not sports, has been able to incorporate a lot of innovative, regeneration work across the country, from small village halls to big developments like the Lowry in Salford, et cetera. Now that the Millennium Commission is no longer here there does not seem to be a lottery body which is going to invest in regeneration and I think that is a bit of a gap in the Lottery. The Lottery money can play a very creative role and now we do not have this big general funder like the Millennium Commission I think you will miss us when we have gone.

  Chairman: I am sure we will. Thank you very much indeed, gentlemen, for coming along today and being so helpful to us. This will be enormously helpful when we come to complete our report. Thank you very much again.

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Prepared 19 December 2001