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Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Letter to Ann McKechin MP from Maggie K Chetty, Director, West of Scotland Racial Equality Council (CRE 2A)

  Dear Ann

  I am currently the acting secretary of MSF Race Relation's branch 294, which covers all the REC's in Britain.

  I have discovered on my return from holiday that WSREC has been awarded six months funding for next year and Edinburgh and Lothians REC is suspended as they have lost their Director, Office Manager (last year) and two officers due to the current funding insecurity and crises.

  This is very disturbing that the two REC's with the largest black and ethnic minority populations do not have secure funding regimes, which is what we predicted at the beginning of the consultation process. I think that the Scottish Affairs Committee should be very concerned about this.


Maggie K. Chetty

10 April 2002



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Prepared 30 May 2002