Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by HM Customs and Excise (CUS 2A)

  At my appearance before your committee on 22 April you asked for schedules to be supplied on our staff levels.


  Annexe A gives the detail of the figures I stated in my evidence. Over a six-year period the total staff numbers in Scotland dropped from 1,400 to 1,176, a decrease of 224. This reduction includes the transfer of our computer staff to ICL under a PFI contract. It also reflects the transfer of our VAT registration work to Wolverhampton and Grimsby. The allocations for 2002-03 are still tentative figures, but in my judgement the figure stated will go up rather than down. In earlier years the spreadsheet is based on the allocations to Scotland Collection. It does not include staff working within the then National Investigation Service.

  Annexe B reflects the resourcing over recent years to Detection work in Scotland. Again as I stated in my evidence this work was previously, at varying times, known as preventive and anti-smuggling.

  I hope this gives your committee all the information you requested.

Ian L Mackay

Chairman Scotland

25 April 2002


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Prepared 16 May 2002