Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 60-66)



  60. And that is creating the problem?
  (Dr Rugg) Yes.

Mr McWalter

  61. The message from you to Gordon Brown in terms of the Comprehensive Spending Review, which is due fairly shortly, would be if things carry on like this he is mad.
  (Dr Rugg) Yes.


  62. We are getting near the close of time but one question I venture to ask is what advice would you give to the three previous witnesses? You are further down the line, tell us exactly what you would say to them if they appeared in front of you?
  (Dr Goodess) The last time I was asked to give advice to somebody who was thinking of giving up their permanent job at Norwich Union to come and work for me, I was honest about the prospects and he did not apply for the job in the end. You have to be honest to people given the situation as it is. I think it could be relatively easily changed if the will was there.

Dr Turner

  63. You guys have been on short-term contracts for a long time now, do they all contain redundancy waivers?
  (Mr Patton) Yes.
  (Dr Rugg) Yes.

  64. You have been on them for periods of 20 years or more?
  (Dr Rugg) Yes.


  65. What do you think of this European dimension that is coming in now, the four year thing? Do you know about it, Clare?
  (Dr Goodess) Yes, I do.

  66. What do you think about that? Is it El Dorado at last?
  (Dr Goodess) If it is not misused by universities then I think it is a good thing. There is a lot of unease about researchers because they feel that universities will use any excuse they can. I think there is a concern that people will be pushed out after two years or four years. Hopefully the universities will apply it seriously.

  Chairman: Thank you very much indeed. You have been in the game a long time. Obviously it does not get any better. Thank you for coming and giving us your time.

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Prepared 23 August 2002