Select Committee on Science and Technology Sixth Report



  1.  The Royal Academy of Engineering told us -

 "of over 130 Fellows of this Academy who responded to our call for comments, 110 professed no knowledge or awareness of NESTA whatsoever. Given that the Academy's Fellows occupy senior positions in academia and in major engineering is disappointing that so few are aware of the opportunities".[62]

The AHRB commented "in the higher education sector at least, we believe that there is as yet very little understanding of what NESTA's distinctive role is, and of how, if at all, its activities are intended to complement those of other bodies".[63] We note that most of NESTA's Fellowships are distributed outside academia. We were interested to know whether obscurity concerned NESTA. Lord Puttnam explained "we were very conscious of the resources we had and the fact that we could very easily be criticised for spending significant sums on promoting ourselves as opposed to making sure the bulk of the money got into the hands of our awardees. There is now a realisation that we have to make more noise".[64] We think that NESTA's lack of profile in the academic community could lead to a failure to attract talented Fellows, awardees and nominators. A publicity campaign conducted jointly with bodies such as the Royal Academy of Engineering would not necessarily be very costly. We urge NESTA to make efforts to raise its profile by ensuring that it has made itself better known to all relevant organisations and higher education institutions.


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Prepared 31 October 2002