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Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Proceedings Report





Members present:

Mr Parmjit Dhanda

Mr Tony McWalter

Dr Ian Gibson

Dr Andrew Murrison

Mr Tom Harris

Geraldine Smith

Mr David Heath

Bob Spink

Mr Mark Hoban

Dr Desmond Turner

Dr Brian Iddon


Members disclosed their interests* pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992. For details of the declarations see Annex.

Dr Ian Gibson was called to the Chair.

Mr Dhanda declared a pecuniary interest in respect of support towards a research assistant from Connect, the union for professionals in communications.

Dr Iddon declared a non-pecuniary interest as Policy Adviser to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Bob Spink declared a pecuniary interest as a management consultant with Harold Whitehead and Partners Ltd, whose clients include companies that are actively involved in science and technology, including machine tool technology, medical diagnostic technology, distribution, brewing and other areas.

The Committee deliberated.

Ordered, That strangers be admitted during the examination of witnesses unless the Committee otherwise orders.—(The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee do hold a seminar to discuss its method of working and future inquiries.— (The Chairman.)

Ordered, That the Chairman do meet the Chairman of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

Resolved, That the Committee do visit the Office of Science and Technology.— (The Chairman.)

Ordered, That Professor Michael Elves be appointed a Specialist Adviser to assist the Committee in its inquiries.— (The Chairman.)


[Adjourned till Wednesday 21 November at Four o'clock

*Although the resolution of July 1992 referred only to pecuniary interests, the relevant report of the Select Committee on Members Interests, to which the House also agreed, referred additionally to the duty to declare relevant non-pecuniary interests.


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Prepared 16 January 2003