Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Proceedings Report



Members present:

Dr Ian Gibson, in the Chair

Mr Parmjit Dhanda

Mr Tony McWalter

Mr Tom Harris

Bob Spink

Mr Mark Hoban

Dr Desmond Turner

Dr Brian Iddon


The Committee deliberated.

Science Education from 14 to 19: Keith Weller, Head of Qualifications Division and Martin Hollins, Principal Officer for Science, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority; David Barrett, Director for General Assessment and John Mitchell, Director of Education and Research, the Joint Council for General Qualifications, were examined.

Mr Stephen Timms, a Member of the House, Minister of State for School Standards and Janet Dallas, Team Leader of Subject Strategy, Curriculum Division, Department for Education and Skills, were examined.


[Adjourned till Wednesday 8 May 2002 at Four o'clock.


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Prepared 16 January 2003