Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Proceedings Report




Members present:

  Dr Ian Gibson, in the Chair

Mr Parmjit Dhanda

Geraldine Smith

Mr Mark Hoban

Bob Spink

Dr Brian Iddon

Dr Desmond Turner


The Committee deliberated.

Resolved, That the Committee do invite the Chief Scientific Adviser from the Ministry of Defence to take part in an informal seminar on bioterrorism in the UK.— (The Chairman.)

Towards a Non-Carbon Fuel Economy: Research, Development and Demonstration:

Professor Mike Hulme, Executive Director, Dr Jim Watson, Research Fellow, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, and Mr Alistair Scott, Researcher, Science Policy Researcher Unit, University of Sussex, Tyndall Centre, were examined.

Professor Gary Acres, Visiting Professor in the Department of Metallurgy and Minerals, University of Birmingham; Professor Tim Jones, Professor of Chemical Physics and Deputy Director, Imperial College Centre for Electronic Materials and Devices; Professor Goran Strbac, Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, UMIST; and Professor Michael Graham, Professor of Unsteady Aerodynamics, Imperial College, were examined.

Mr Derrick Farthing, Director of Power Technology, Powergen; and Mr Brian Count, Chief Executive Officer, Innogy, were examined.

  [Adjourned till Monday 4 November at Four o'clock.


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Prepared 16 January 2003