Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Request from the Committee for further information, following the evidence session of 16 January

  In his letter of 19 December to the Chairman of the Committee, Sir John Pattison estimates that the Government's expediture on cancer research was £190 million in 2000-01. The Committee would appreciate a detailed breakdown, explaining how this figure is arrived at, together with your estimate of expenditure in the current year.

  I enclose a copy of the uncorrected transcript of the Committee's oral evidence session on 16 January 2002 at which Professor Gordon McVie, Director-General of the Cancer Research Campaign, Professor Andrew Miller, Interim Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK and Professor Sir Paul Nurse, Director-General of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund appeared. I would draw your attention to the answers given by the witnesses to questions 143-147, in connection with Government funding. The Committee would appreciate the Department's response.

22 January 2002

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Prepared 20 March 2002