Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report


89. No doubt the Funding Councils' review of the RAE will consider a range of options for the future. We await its outcome with great interest, since it will have important implications for the future of science and technology in the UK. An effective funding mechanism for research infrastructure will be crucial if we are to maintain and enhance the UK's research excellence and exploit it successively. It is essential that DfES, the Funding Councils, the devolved administrations, OST and the Research Councils work closely together to ensure that the funding to the science base is coherent and adequate to maintain the quality of UK research. We shall follow developments closely and, if necessary, report again to the House.

90. Meanwhile we shall seek to obtain an opportunity to debate this Report. Noting the Liaison Committee's encouragement to Committees to suggest the terms of substantive motions in their reports,[139] we suggest the following motion for debate by the House:

    "That this House commends the higher education sector for the marked improvement in research quality demonstrated by the Research Assessment Exercise 2001; takes note of the conclusions and recommendations in the Second Report of the Science and Technology Committee on the Research Assessment Exercise (HC 507); notes the concerns reflected in that Report on the impact of the RAE on research priorities and on universities' other functions; acknowledges the vital contribution which higher education research in science and technology makes to society and to the economy; and calls on the Government to fund the RAE results fully in the forthcoming Spending Review."

139   First Report of the Liaison Committee, 1999-2000, Shifting the Balance: Select Committees and the Executive, HC 300, paragraph 39 Back

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Prepared 24 April 2002