Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report


1.Professor Richard Green, Department of Economics, University of Hull
Ev 59
2.Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
Ev 60
3.University of Northumbria
Ev 60
4.University of Plymouth
Ev 61
5.University of Bristol
Ev 63
6.Institute of Materials
Ev 64
7.University of Sunderland
Ev 64
8.Russell Group of Universities
Ev 66
9.University of Brighton
Ev 67
10.Professor Paul G Hare, School of Management, Heriot-Watt University
Ev 68
11.University of Hertfordshire
Ev 72
12.University of the West of England
Ev 75
13.The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Ev 76
14.Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Ev 77
15.Royal Society of Chemistry
Ev 78
16.Institute of Physics
Ev 79
17.Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
Ev 80
18.Science Council
Ev 82
19.Scientists for Labour
Ev 83
20.Modern Universities Research Group
Ev 87
21.Staffordshire University
Ev 87
22.Engineering Professors' Council
Ev 88
23.1994 Group of Universities
Ev 89
24.University of East Anglia
Ev 89
25.Central Committee for University Dental Teachers and Research Workers
Ev 90
26.Institution of Civil Engineers
Ev 91
27.Save British Science Society
Ev 92
28.Coalition of Modern Universities
Ev 95
29.The Royal Society
Ev 97
30.Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences
Ev 102
31.UK Life Sciences Committee
Ev 103
32.British Medical Association's Medical Academic Staff Committee
Ev 104
33.Amicus Manufacturing, Science and Finance Section
Ev 105
34.Institute of Biology et al
Ev 107
35.Institute of Food Science and Technology
Ev 110
36.Institution of Environmental Sciences
Ev 111
37.Geological Society
Ev 112
38.Office of Science and Technology
Ev 113
39.Professor Gary Craig, Professor of Social Justice, University of Hull
Ev 114
40.Dr Myer R Salaman, Department of Immunology, Imperial College
Ev 117
41.Professor Derek Burke
Ev 117
42.Chemical Industries Association
Ev 118
43.Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)
Ev 118
44.Higher Education Funding Council for England (supplementary)
Ev 120

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 24 April 2002