Select Committee on Science and Technology Third Report


Monday 4 March 2002
Ms Georgina Day, Education Officer, the Institute of Biology; Ms Catherine Wilson, Manager for Education (Schools and Colleges), the Institute of Physics; Dr Colin Osborne, Education Manager (Schools and Colleges), the Royal Society of Chemistry; Mr Nigel Thomas, Education Manager, The Royal Society; and Ms Lucy Allen, Education Officer, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Ev 1
Mr Richard Shearman, Deputy Director, Engineers' Regulation, Ms Ruth Wright, Education Executive, and Mr Victor Lucas, Vocational Education and Training Advisor, the Engineering Council; Mrs Dorrie Giles, Director, Qualifications, Institution of Electrical Engineers; Mr George Salmon, Member, Education Training and Development Group, Institution of Incorporated Engineers; and Mr Chris Kirby, Professional Affairs Manager, Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
Ev 11
Tuesday 19 March 2002
Helena Perry, Quintin Kynaston School, London; Hannah Greensmith, Birkenhead High School, Wirral; and Ben Wormald, Winstanley Sixth Form College, Wigan
Ev 18
Clare Dawe, Redland High School, Bristol; Tim Crocker­Buque, Worthing Sixth Form College; and Rubens Reis, St Augustine's Church of England School, London.
Ev 20
Anika Lewis, Colchester Sixth Form College, Charlotte Whitaker, Redland High School, Bristol; and Fern Curtis, Saint Theresa's School, Dorking
Ev 21
Yasmin Akram, Sutton Coldfield Grammar School; Ashley Clarkson, Bede Sixth Form College, Teesside; Vicky Parkin Darlington QE Sixth Form College; and Christopher Gascoyne, Ecclesbourne School, Derbyshire.
Ev 23
Joel Brown, Dixons City Technology College, Bradford; Lexi Boyce, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge; Mark Towers, Farnborough Sixth Form College; Sam Ford, Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton; and Karl Stringer, Worthing Sixth Form
Ev 25
Kayleigh Goddard, Shrewsbury High School; Lucy Ferguson, Guildford High School; Ashwin Reddy, Bedford School; and Sajad Al­Hairi, North Westminster Community School..
Ev 27
Monday 25 March 2002
Ms Michelle Ryan, Ricards Lodge High School, Wimbledon; Mr James Salmon, Anglo­European School, Essex; Ms Corinne Stevenson, Hounslow Local Education Authority; and Ms Hannah Strange, Notting Hill & Ealing High School
Ev 30
Mr Mike Collins, Hengrove School, Bristol;, Ms Sylvia Thomas, Darlaston Community School, Walsall; Dr Susan Turner, Bishop David Brown School, Woking; and Mr Ed Walsh, Roseland Community School, Truro
Ev 34
Ms Catherine Crocker, Esher Sixth Form College; Surrey, Ms Gillian Halton Institute of Education, Manchester Metro University; Mr Chris Peel, City and Islington Sixth Form College, CLEAPSS School Science Service; and Ms Jean Skeggs, Hertfordshire
Ev 37
Ms Jane Clifford, Brooklands College, Surrey; and Mr Chris Roberts, Bradford
Ev 41
Dr David Moore, Chief Executive, and Mr Derek Bell, Past Chair, Association for Science Education; and Ms Judith Norrington, Director of Curriculum and Quality, and Ms Maggie Scott, Curriculum and Quality Adviser, Association of Colleges
Ev 44
Monday 15 April 2002
Ralph Levinson, Institute of Education, University of London; Clare Matterson, The Wellcome Trust; Dr Jerry Ravetz; and Dr Jon Turney, University College London
Ev 49
Dr Stuart Brown, Nottingham Medical School, Professor Ian Haines, UK Deans of Science Committee (Faculty of Science, Computing and Engineering, University of North London); and Professor Tom Ruxton, Engineering Professors' Council (School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Staffordshire University)
Ev 54
Ms Vicki Garson, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (UK Human Resources Director, Training and Development, AstraZeneca); Mr Alan Hanslip, Vice President, Human Resources, Octel Corp., Mr Graham Speechley, Managing Director, Benteler Automotive UK; and Ms Erica Tyson, Engineering Training Manager, Rolls­Royce
Ev 59
Monday 29 April 2002
Keith Weller, Head of Qualifications Division, and Martin Hollins, Principal Officer for Science, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority; David Barrett, Director for General Assessment, OCR, and John Mitchell, Director, Education and Research, AQA, Joint Council for General Qualifications
Ev 65
Stephen Timms MP, Minister of State for School Standards, and Janet Dallas, Team Leader for Science and Technology Strategy within the Curriculum Division, Department for Education and Skills
Ev 73

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Prepared 11 July 2002