Select Committee on Science and Technology Third Report


1.Association for Science Education, The Institute of Biology, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, The Royal Society, and the Royal Society of Chemistry Ev 83
2.Institute of Physics Ev 84
3.Supplementary memorandum from The Royal Society Ev 85
4.Supplementary memorandum from the Royal Society of Chemistry Ev 87
5.Engineering Council Ev 87
6.The Institution of Electrical Engineers Ev 90
7.The Association for Science Education Ev 91
8.Association of Colleges Ev 94
9.Ralph Levinson, School of Maths, Science and Technology, Institute of Education, University of London Ev 107
10.Dr Jerry RavetzEv 109
11.UK Deans of Science Ev 100
12.Engineering Professors' Council Ev 114
13.Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Ev 114
14.Joint Council for General Qualifications Ev 118
15.Supplementary memorandum from the Joint Council for General Qualifications Ev 118
16.Department for Education and Skills Ev 120
17.Office of Science and Technology Ev 127
18.Scottish Executive Education Department Ev 127
19.Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council Ev 131
20.OFSTEDEv 134
21.The Geological Society Ev 136
22.The Institute of Materials Ev 136
23.London Mathematical Society Ev 137
24.Royal Astronomical Society Ev 140
25.Women in Physics Group, Institute of Physics Ev 140
26.Equal Opportunities Commission Ev 142
27.African-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology (extract) Ev 147
28.Nuffield Foundation Ev 154
29.The Wellcome Trust Ev 158
30.The BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science) Ev 160
31.Save British Science Society Ev 162
32.Royal Academy of Engineering Ev 166
33.EEF (Engineering Employers' Federation) and EMTA (the National Training Organisationfor Engineering Manufacture) Ev 168
34.CBIEv 170
35.Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Ev 174
36.Chemical Industries Association Ev 177
37.Federation of the Electronics Industry Ev 178
38.Association of Teachers and Lecturers Ev 180
39.National Union of Teachers Ev 181
40.CLEAPSS School Science Service Ev 182
41.fforwmEv 183
42.Universities UKEv 186
43.UMISTEv 188
44.Professor Nancy Cartwright, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics Ev 190
45.Science and Plants for Schools Ev 192
46.Emmanuel CollegeEv 194
47.Mark Hoban MP: Notes of a meeting held at Harry Cort School, Fareham on 22 February 2002 Ev 196
48.Dr Brian Iddon MP: Notes of a meeting held with Bolton Science Teachers and Technicians on 3 May 2002 Ev 200
49.Dr Andrew Murrison MP: Notes of meetings held at St Augustine's Catholic College, Trowbridge on 19 April 2002 Ev 202
50.Supplementary memorandum from the Department for Education and Skills Ev 205
51.'59 ClubEv 207

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 11 July 2002