Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Office of Science and Technology (OST)

  The Committee has invited the Office of Science and Technology (OST) to submit its views on the subjects of this inquiry, as a supplement to the written evidence from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).

  The interests of OST, and the Department of Trade and Industry in general, lie in ensuring that schools offer a balanced curriculum, including science to Key Stage 4 for all pupils, so that they can play a full part in a highly technological society; and that they provide a strong grounding for sufficient numbers of young people to move into further and higher education, do research in the science base and meet the needs of business industry for scientists and technologists at all levels.

  Responsibility for subjects of this inquiry lie with the DfES, which has submitted a memorandum that sets out the measures the Government is taking to tackle these issues. OST, along with other parts of the Department of Trade and Industry, works closely with the DfES on many of these measures. Examples include Science Year, the Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Network (SETNET) and Science and Engineering Ambassadors.

  Following the recommendations of the Council for Science and Technology, OST is also working with the DfES towards establishing the national centre for excellence in science teaching for supporting science teachers, and their continuous professional development.

February 2002

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Prepared 11 July 2002