Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


1.   Academy of Medical Sciences

2.   Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

3.   Association for Radiation Research

4.   Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

5.   Association of Applied Biologists

6.   Association of Clinical Biochemists

7   Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists

8.   Association of Clinical Embryologists

9.   Association of Clinical Microbiologists

10.   Biochemical Society

11.   Botanical Society of the British Isles

12.   British Academy

13.   British Arachnological Society

14.   British Association for Cancer Research

15.   British Association for Lung Research

16.   British Association for Psychopharmacology

17.   British Association of Tissue Banking

18.   British Astronomical Association

19.   British Biophysical Society

20.   British Cartographic Society

21.   British Computer Society

22.   British Ecological Society

23.   British Electrophoresis Society

24.   British Grassland Society

25.   British Herpetological Society

26.   British Horological Society

27.   British Institute of Facilities Management

28.   British Institute of Non­Destructive Testing

29.   British Institute of Radiology

30.   British Interplanetary Society

31.   British Lichen Society

32.   British Medical Ultrasound Society

33.   British Microcirculation Society

34.   British Mycological Society

35.   British Neuropsychiatry Association

36.   British Ornithologists' Union

37.   British Orthodontic Society

38.   British Pharmacological Society

39.   British Phycological Society

40.   British Psycho­Analytical Society

41.   British Psychological Society

42.   British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

43.   British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

44.   British Society for Cell Biology

45.   British Society for Haematology

46.   British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

47.   British Society for Immunology

48.   British Society for Medical Mycology

49.   British Society for Parasitology

50.   British Society for Plant Pathology

51.   British Society for Research on Ageing

52.   British Society for Rheumatology

53.   British Society for Strain Measurement

54.   British Society of Animal Science

55.   British Society of Audiology

56.   British Society of Gastroenterology

57.   British Society of Rheology

58.   British Society of Soil Science

59.   British Sociological Association

60.   British Toxicology Society

61.   British Transplantation Society

62.   British Web Design and Marketing Association

63.   Cambridge Philosophical Society

64.   Challenger Society for Marine Science

65.   Chartered Institute of Building

66.   Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

67.   Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

68.   Chartered Society of Designers

69.   Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

70.   College of Occupational Therapists

71.   College of Radiographers

72.   Council for British Archaeology

73.   Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Ltd

74.   Engineering Council

75.   Ergonomics Society

76.   Experimental Psychology Society

77.   Fauna and Flora International

78.   Fisheries Society of the British Isles

79.   Freshwater Biological Association

80.   Galton Institute

81.   Genetical Society

82.   Geographical Society

83.   Geological Society of London

84.   Geologists' Association

85.   Hydrographic Society

86.   Information Systems Audit and Control Association

87.   Institute for the Management of Information Systems

88.   Institute of Acoustics

89.   Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors

90.   Institute of Biology

91.   Institute of Biomedical Science

92.   Institute of Brewing

93.   Institute of Building Control

94.   Institute of Diagnostic Engineers

95.   Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

96.   Institute of Ecotechnics

97.   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc

98.   Institute of Energy

99.   Institute of Fisheries Management

100.  Institute of Food Science and Technology

101.  Institute of Health Education

102.  Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management

103.  Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers

104.  Institute of Horticulture

105.  Institute of Information Scientists

106.  Institute of Logistics and Transport

107.  Institute of Maintenance and Building Management

108.  Institute of Management Services

109.  Institute of Marine Engineers

110.  Institute of Materials

111.  Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

1124.  Institute of Measurement and Control

113.  Institute of Metal Finishing

114.  Institute of Operations Management

115.  Institute of Packaging

116.  Institute of Paper Conservation

117.  Institute of Petroleum

118.  Institute of Physics

119.  Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

120.  Institute of Plumbing

121.  Institute of Printing

122.  Institute of Psycho­Analysis

123.  Institute of Quality Assurance

124.  Institute of Quarrying

125.  Institute of Refrigeration

126.  Institute of Risk Management

127.  Institute of Road Transport Engineers

128.  Institute of Safety in Technology and Research

129.  Institute of Science Technology

130.  Institute of Sheet Metal Engineering

131.  Institute of Trichologists

132.  Institute of Wastes Management

133.  Institution of Agricultural Engineers

134.  Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers

135.  Institution of Chemical Engineers

136.  Institution of Civil Engineers

137.  Institution of Electrical Engineers

138.  Institution of Engineering Designers

139.  Institution of Environmental Sciences

140.  Institution of Fire Engineers

141.  Institution of Gas Engineers

142.  Institution of Incorporated Engineers

143.  Institution of Lighting Engineers

144.  Institution of Mechanical Engineers

145.  Institution of Mining and Metallurgy

146.  Institution of Nuclear Engineers

147.  Institution of Plant Engineers

148.  Institution of Structural Engineers

149.  Landscape Institute

150.  Linnean Society of London

151.  London Mathematical Society

152.  Malacological Society of London

153.  Mammal Society

154.  Manchester Geographical Society

155.  Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

156.  Manchester Statistical Society

157.  Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

158.  Medical Society of London

159.  Mineralogical Society

160.  Nautical Archaeological Society

161.  Nautical Institute

162.  Nutrition Society

163.  Oil and Colour Chemists' Association

164.  Operational Research Society

165.  Palaeontographical Society

166.  Palaeontological Association

167.  Photogrammetric Society

168.  Physiological Society

169.  Pipelines Industries Guild

170.  Primate Society of Great Britain

171.  Quekett Microscopical Club

172.  Regional Studies Association

173.  Remote Sensing Society

174.  Research and Development Society

175.  Royal Academy of Engineering

176.  Royal Aeronautical Society

177.  Royal Agricultural Society of England

178.  Royal Anthropological Institute

179.  Royal Archaeological Institute

180.  Royal Astronomical Society

181.  Royal College of General Practitioners

182.  Royal College of Midwives

183.  Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom

184.  Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

185.  Royal College of Ophthalmologists

186.  Royal College of Pathologists

187.  Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

188.  Royal College of Physicians of London

189.  Royal College of Psychiatrists

190.  Royal College of Speech Therapists and Language Therapists

191.  Royal College of Surgeons of England

192.  Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

193.  Royal Economic Society

194.  Royal Entomological Society of London

195.  Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

196.  Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

197.  Royal Horticultural Society

198.  Royal Institute of Navigation

199.  Royal Institute of Philosophy

200.  Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene

201.  Royal Irish Academy

202.  Royal Meteorological Society

203.  Royal Microscopical Society

204.  Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

205.  Royal Photographic Society

206.  Royal Society

207.  Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

208.  Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

209.  Royal Society of Chemistry

210.  Royal Society of Edinburgh

211.  Royal Society of Medicine

212.  Royal Statistical Society

213.  Royal Town Planning Institute

214.  Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd

215.  Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

216.  Scottish Association for Marine Science

217.  Scottish Association for Marine Science

218.  Social Policy Association

219.  Society for Anaerobic Microbiology

220.  Society for Applied Microbiology

221.  Society for Endocrinology

222.  Society for Experimental Biology

223.  Society for General Microbiology

224.  Society for Low Temperature Biology

225.  Society for Medicines Research

226.  Society for the Study of Fertility

227.  Society for the Study of Human Biology

228.  Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

229.  Society for Underwater Technology

230.  Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

231.  Society of Dyers and Colourists

232.  Society of Engineers

233.  Society of Environmental Engineers

234.  Society of Food Hygiene Technology

235.  Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine

236.  Society of Professional Engineers

237.  Solar Energy Society

238.  South London Botanical Institute

239.  Strategic Planning Society

240.  Systematics Association

241.  Textile Institute

242.  UK Academy for Information Systems

243.  UK Life Sciences Committee

244.  Webb Society

245.  Zoological Society of London

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Prepared 1 August 2002