Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


1. Academy of Medical Sciences

2. BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science)

3. British Academy

4. Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

5. British Computer Society

6. British Computer Society (supplementary memorandum)

7. British Ecological Society

8. British Pharmacological Society

9 British Psychological Society

10. Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

11. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

12. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (supplementary memorandum)

13. Environment Agency

14. Economic and Social Research Council

15. Geological Society of London

16. Professor Charles M Goldie

17. Institute of Association Management

18. Institute of Biology

19. Institute of Food Science and Technology

20. Institute of Physics

21. Institution of Chemical Engineers

22. Institute of Electrical Engineers

23. Institute of Mechanical Engineers

24. Linnean Society of London

25. London Mathematical Society

26. Medical Research Council

27. Natural Environment Research Council

28. Dame Bridget Ogilvie

29. Office of Science and Technology

30. Office of Science and Technology

31. Royal Academy of Engineering

32. Royal Academy of Engineering (supplementary memorandum)

33. Royal Astronomical Society

34. Royal Geographical Society

35. Royal Institution of Great Britain

36. Royal Irish Academy

37. Royal Society

38. Royal Society (supplementary memorandum)

39. Royal Society (supplementary memorandum)

40. Royal Society (supplementary memorandum)

41. Royal Society of Chemistry

42. Royal Society of Edinburgh

43. Science Council

44. Society for General Microbiology

45. Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions

46. UK Life Sciences Committee

47. Wellcome Trust

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 1 August 2002