Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Second supplementary memorandum submitted by the Royal Society


  A summary of our accounts approved by the auditors, is available on the website and gives a clear statement of our sources of income and our types of expenditure. The full accounts are printed and available on request from the Royal Society and this is made clear in the summarised accounts.


  I believe this request was put to the Royal Academy of Engineering rather than ourselves. However, I understand from a discussion with you that you want figures about the cost of administering our research fellowship programmes and briefly these are: percentage of our parliamentary grant spent on administering our research fellowships is 3.17 per cent (excluding an element for rent) or 3.21 per cent (if rent is included).


  This note is to clarify the answer we gave on computer scientists who are Fellows of The Royal Society.

  The Royal Society elects scientists in computing. Two of the 10 committees which deal with elections cover computing. They are Sectional Committee 1 (pure and applied mathematics, computer science) which covers software theory and is currently chaired by Professor Robin Milner, Professor of Computer Science in the University of Cambridge; and Sectional Committee 4 (engineering, technology, instrumentation, materials science, experimental fluid dynamics) which covers the application and hardware side and is chaired by Professor David May, Professor of Computer Science in the University of Bristol.

  In 2002, two of the 42 new Fellows were elected in this area, Professor Stephen Furber, Professor of Computer Engineering in the University of Manchester and Professor John McCanny, Professor of Microelectronics in the Queens University Belfast. Last year we elected Professor Timothy Berners-Lee, 3Com Founders Professor, Laboratory of Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Professor Michael Patterson, Professor in the Department of Computer Science in the University of Warwick.

  With the Fellowship as a whole, out of a total of 1245 Fellows we have about 50 computer scientists. A search of the Sackler database has revealed deceased "computing" Fellows and Foreign Members elected since the 19th century including, among others, such notables as Charles Babbage, Donald Watts Davies, Tom Kilburn, Jacques Louis Lions, Maxwell Herman Alexander Newman and Alan Mathison Turing.

Stephen Cox

Executive Secretary

5 June 2002

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Prepared 6 August 2002