Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Tenth Report

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The Committee on Standards and Privileges has agreed to the following Report:


1. We have considered a memorandum by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards on the complaint by John McDonnell, Member for Hayes and Harlington, against Mr Peter Brooke, formerly Member for the Cities of London and Westminster (now Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville). The Commissioner's memorandum is appended to this Report.

2. We agree with the Commissioner in not upholding the complaint.

3. The complaint was originally raised with the Speaker as a question of privilege. Any breach of privilege or contempt, if committed by a Member, is likely also to involve a breach of one or other provision of the Code of Conduct. We agree with the Commissioner that the privilege aspect of such cases should have precedence. A Member who wishes to raise a matter which would fall within either jurisdiction should raise it as a question of privilege with the Speaker in writing as soon as reasonably practical. If the matter is then dealt with as a question of privilege, we would normally not expect the Member subsequently to make precisely the same matter the subject of a complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.


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Prepared 24 July 2002