Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report

Annex 4

Extract from the memorandum from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards appended to the Seventh Report from the Committee on Standards and Privileges, Session 2000-01

15.  Before reaching its conclusion, the Committee instructed its Chairman to write to Mr Robinson putting three specific questions to him:

    "(i)    Did you receive the £200,000 referred to in my earlier letter,[13] or any other benefit directly or indirectly in respect of your chairmanship of Hollis Industries plc, either in the accounting period in question or in any subsequent accounting period?

     (ii)    Did you expect to receive any benefit of any kind in respect of your chairmanship of the company?

     (iii)  Did you read the accounts of the company for the accounting period in question, and were you aware that they stated that the emoluments (excluding pension contributions) of the chairman of the company were £200,000?"[14]

16.  Mr Robinson replied as follows:

    "The answers to your questions are
  • No to all points;
  • No;
  • While I would normally read the accounts of every company with which I am associated, it is difficult after eight years to recall a specific set of annual accounts.

    If I had seen a mention of payments I had not received, I would, of course, have corrected this. But since I was not to be remunerated, this was not a point I was looking out for."[15]

13  A letter to Mr Robinson identifying the payment in question as chairman's remuneration of £200,000 from Hollis Industries plc.  Back

14  Eighteenth Report of Session 1997-98, Appendix 5.  Back

15  Ibid, Appendix 6 (excerpt). Back

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Prepared 24 October 2001