Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex A

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr Robert Lindsay Mason

Having read your report on complaints against Mr Roy Beggs MP, I would request that you look into three issues spelt out below.

Firstly, did Mr Beggs provide misleading information in the course of your investigation?

Your report quotes Mr Beggs as stating that he had "no interest" (page xv), no "benefit" (xix) and"no involvement" (xxv) with the company (Lintrend) based on his land at Inver Road, Larne. However, it has since been revealed in the press that his son, Roy Jnr., worked for Lintrend for 14 months (Larne Times 05/04/01). Should he not have disclosed this fact to you?

Secondly, should Mr Beggs not have declared his constituency office at Station Road, Larne, in his Register of Interests?

I believe that Mr Beggs received planning permission for this office in 1989. He has recently told the press that ownership was transferred to his daughters in 1998. Should it not have been declared in his Register between 1989 and 1998? Any consideration of the value of the property should take into account the possibility that it could be converted to commercial use. There are commercial outlets adjacent to the premises.

Third, did Mr Beggs increase his parliamentary allowance by transferring his Station Road premises to is daughters?

When asked by the press if he was now claiming parliamentary allowance for rent on his office, Mr Beggs replied: "I think everybody is entitled to claim a parliamentary allowance for rent". (Larne Times 05/04/01)

Did the ownership transfer of the Station Road property bring increased income to his family and was it permissible for him to do this, at the taxpayer's expense?

9 April 2001

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Prepared 31 October 2001