Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex L

List of documents enclosed with Mr Roy Beggs MP's letter of 21 August 2001 to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards[25]

—   a request dated 19th January 1990 from the Rating Division of the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland for information on the occupation of 41 Station Road

—   an undated letter from one of Mr Beggs's daughters, 'to whom it may concern', confirming that she had received rental income on 41 Station Road in August 1998 (£1,026), April 1999 (£1,950) and May 2000 (£2,080)

—   an undated letter from WJ Miscampbell & Co, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, confirming that Mrs * * * had received the rent and adding that "Tax will have been paid on this income"

—   a valuation of 41 Station Road, Larne at £28,000 as at 10 September 1998 by Brian A Todd & Co, with covering letter

—   a letter dated 26th July 1990 from McCaulay & Ritchie, Solicitors, to Mr Beggs, enclosing cheques from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to his wife and daughter in compensation for property at 6 and 8 Glynn Road, Larne, with related documents

—   a receipt, dated 12th December 1989, for the keys of 6 and 8 Glynn Road

—   a letter from O'Rorke, McDonald and Tweed, Solicitors, dated 10 January 1989 confirming the completion of the purchase of 9 Carnduff Road

—   a further letter from the same, dated 23rd January 1998 and confirming the completion of the transfer of 41 Station Road, Larne, covering

—   the Memorial to the Register of Deeds, dated 23rd January 1998 assigning 41 Station Road to Mr Beggs's daughters

—   an invoice dated 3rd April 1991 confirming the payment to Mrs Wilma Beggs of £2,080 in rent

—   a rental valuation from DTZ McCombe Pierce of £4,000 annually of 41, Station Road, Larne, dated 21st August 2001

—   Mr Beggs's letter to the Fees Office covering a cheque for his estimate of the overclaim, £586.05

—   income tax calculation from the Inland Revenue setting out his and his wife's tax liability in respect of rental income for the years 1990-91 to 1996-97

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Prepared 31 October 2001