Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex N

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards rom Mr Roy Beggs MP


3.    £560.

4.    We are unable to find valuation requested from R Stirling and Co. and could not obtain a copy as Mr Stirling retired from business some years ago. However, Valuation and Lands Agency assessed rental value 1/4/88-31/3/93 at £2340.00. Rent claimed from Office Costs was lower during this period.

Although the receipt was issued to my wife by R. Stirling & Co. Income Tax was paid on half of rental income claimed by me and the other half was paid by my wife for 90-91, 91-92, 92-93, 93-94, 94-95, 95-96, 96-97. The property was occupied from year to year. The basis was changed to provide me with secure permanent office accommodation.

5.    I have taken independent advice from Letting Agents and enquired from Northern Ireland Housing Executive regarding Housing Benefit payable to tenants in Private Sector accommodation in the course of my constituency work.

The District Valuer's assessment was not challenged. I know that higher weekly rent is paid for smaller office accommodation which I have visited. In my opinion the District Valuer undervalued the property.

8.    My accountants for the past thirty years had been reminding me in recent years to make a will and in 1997 after the sudden death of a close friend and before visiting my eldest sister in San Diego, I did so and my sons also benefited at that time.

9.    My accountants were provided with a valuation supplied by Brian A Todd & Co. Copy enclosed.

11.  Mrs * * * and Mrs * * * have paid tax on rent from 41 Station Road, Larne since 1/4/97. All rent allowance claimed was paid to them.

14.  Only No. 8 Glynn Road, Larne was rented as office accommodation from my wife.

The rent claimed from OCA was as follows
1/4/85- 31/3/86£1,300.00
86- 87£1,300.00
87- 88£1,300.00
88- 89£1,300.00
89- 90£1,460.00 of which £280 was my share for tax purposes in tax year 89-90.

The rental valuation was provided by R Stirling & Co. who negotiated the sale of the property to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

26 September 2001

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Prepared 31 October 2001