Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex ii60

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr Mohammed Pathan

Further to my previous correspondence and our record of discussion I have now had an opportunity to listen to the tape recording and to check the "transcript of the interview". You will have noted my comments at the end of the transcript in which I express surprise that we were being tape-recorded. I know that Ms Fernandes has been in correspondence with you about this matter and I formally share her concerns.

You ask me to factually check the transcript. I would be grateful if you could correct the following:

1.  Page 21  I cannot remember the precise date as it was a long time ago. As to the question why the invoice was raised before the event, the explanation that you have put forward is the most likely one.

2.  Page 22  You stated that you believed the company booked an event in central London on the 23rd June 1999. The company did not book the event nor was it involved in it. If you have any information to enable me to enquire further please let me know.

3.  Page 38  I have written to the company accountant to obtain this information.

4.  Page 39  I became a director from 01.04.99 and resigned on 31.01.01 for the reasons that I have given you. I received no remuneration.

Your Questions

1.  We have explained the activities of the company. I cannot comment on the precise dates. As we explained to Mr Sheldon and to you this was a small company that at all times had professional advice and assistance.

2.  We have explained to you all that is within our knowledge and pointed out that Mr Mahmoud was principally dealing with these matters. We have set out what has been done in the transcript on page 19.

3.  See my reference to Page 22 above.

4.  I have answered this question on Page 36.

5.  I have answered this question above.

6.  These are in the company accounts for each year, which I understand that you have. If you would like me to total these up I will do so.

7.  I have written to the landlords and asked for this information. I will send it to you when I receive this.

8.  As we have explained to Mr Sheldon and yourself this list has been compiled from what is within our knowledge from our involvement with the company.

9.  For the reasons given to you it is not possible to do this without the benefit of Mr Mahmoud's help. I would not like to guess and give you an inaccurate reply.

You kindly reminded us at the start of the meeting that this was an inquiry into Keith Vaz. Can I repeat again what was said by our certified accountants have stated namely that Mr Vaz did not receive any payments from this company.

Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

30 August 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002