Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex ii65

Letter to Mr Mohammed Pathan from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your letter of 14 September 2001 which we received today, 25 September 2001, and for providing answers to some of my questions.

I am grateful to you for seeking information from the landlords Accacia Holdings about the rent paid by Mapesbury Communications for the premises at Savant House. I note that the rent per month was £108.33 and that a total of £3509.83 was paid in rent.

I am afraid there are still a number of questions which I asked you in my letter of 10 July and repeated in my letter of 13 September where your replies remain outstanding. Please would you let me have those answers as soon as possible.

When we met on 4 July you kindly said you would try to obtain the information I needed and in your letter of 30 August you said you had written to the company accountant for the financial information I had requested. Please let me have a copy of the accountant's letter to you which may cover most of the outstanding questions which I list below as a reminder.

From my letter of 10 July 2001

2.  A list of all the events which Mapesbury Communications organised with dates.

Details of the work which the company carried out for the Asian Business Network and the events organised for the Network.

Your reply at 2 in your letter of 30 August 2001 about one event does not give the full information which I need. Please provide a complete list.

6.  The amounts paid in salaries and fees to directors and employees for each year.

You offered in your letter of 30 August to provide these totals. As I said in my letter of 13 September I would be pleased to receive them from you.

From my letter of 13 September 2001

8.  Your estimate of the period covered by the list which you provided for the Committee. They will appreciate that the list was compiled from your knowledge and involvement with the company and therefore may not be comprehensive and that the period you estimate may not be totally accurate.

9.  Likewise the Committee needs your estimate of this amount though will recognise that this may not be a precise figure.

The amount in question was an estimate of the total figure covered by the entries on the list which you provided to the Committee.

You ask if I can provide you with the names of witnesses who have provided me with information which seems to be at variance with yours. As I am sure you will understand I do not provide the names of any witnesses to others during an enquiry. I would not give your name to other witnesses and likewise I would not disclose the names of other witnesses.

To reply to your question about reimbursement for assisting my inquiry. There are no funds provided by Parliament to cover the time spent by witnesses giving information to a Parliamentary inquiry carried out by the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Travel and subsistence costs are available for witnesses who need to travel any distance to meet me.

May I thank you again for the assistance you have provided and the time you have given in the public interest. I look forward to bringing these matters to a close but I need your replies before I can do so.

25 September 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002