Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report


Letter to Mr Arthur Price-Jones from Mr L Goldberg, Head of Audit, Leceister City Council

I attach the cutting I referred to during our conversation earlier today. You will see that as at 7 September 1987, arrangements to recruit a replacement for Keith Vaz were in hand. Given that he would almost certainly have been on one month's notice, it could be inferred that Mr Vaz remained on the payroll of Leicester Advice and Information Services Ltd until at least the end of September 1987.

As far as I can recall, Mr Vaz continued to be employed by the company after he was elected in June 1987. The duration of that employment however, I cannot recall.

In view of the fact that the account files held by the City Treasurer, in his capacity as Company treasurer, and yourself, in your capacity as Company Secretary, are no longer in existence, the only possible route by which verification of the duration of Mr Vaz's employment could be obtained would be through the Inland Revenue.

It was nice to speak to you again after all this time. I trust you are keeping well.

14 November 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002