Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex iv2

Letter to the then Registrar of Members' Interests, from Mr Keith Vaz MP

I was sorry to trouble you while you were on leave and also that you have been dragged into the General Election campaign.

I promised to write to you with any further details that I had concerning the Kennington studio flat that I used as my London second home since 1988 until I purchased the *** flat in 1999. As I said in our meeting in January my mother was the beneficial owner of the Kennington flat and it was transferred to her last year. * * * I have asked her to confirm if she rented out this property and she confirms that she has for a short period before she decided to sell it. As to the amount she believes that it has not exceeded £400 a month, however once payments had been made by her the actual rent was much less than that. None of this rent has been paid to me. I also asked her if she permitted anyone else to live there during the period before I purchased the *** flat and she said believes she has. As I also explained to you in January I allowed my flat to be used on two occasions (no more than 3 weeks as a time) as the headquarters of a political campaign, no rent was paid to me. As I told you I now use the *** flat as my London flat. My mother lived there[180] for a short while last year while undergoing her treatment but unfortunately fell down the stairs, as I told you in January she sold the flat subject to contract in January. Please let me know if you require me to do anything further about this.

When we discussed these issues in January we discussed the registration of 144 and 146 Uppingham Road I informed you that I would be looking to sell 146 Uppingham Road. * * * I do not believe that this effects registration. I will continue to live here when I stay in Leicester. * * *

I have passed a copy of this letter to my mother's solicitors only.

5 June 2001

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