Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex iv3

Letter to the then Registrar of Members' Interests, from Mr Keith Vaz MP

When we met two weeks ago we discussed registration issues and I promised that I would put in writing any issues that needed clarification. I also informed you in confidence of the changes that will be made in the near future for domestic and personal reasons we agreed that it was unlikely that it would effect the registration of 144 Uppingham Road, Leicester (Geoffrey Bindman has written to Mr Sandall and told him that we accept your advice though I note that I have not come back to you as I promised) and this would remain an office even though ownership of 146 Uppingham Road, Leicester would change subject to the ability of my mother to care for herself as opposed to be cared for by myself or one of my sisters.

You asked if any of the properties have had tenants. Neither the flat in London nor the house in *** have ever had tenants and has been used exclusively by myself and my family at all times although there is an au pair who lives in *** with my wife and children. I have told you of my proposals here. As for my original London flat in Kennington which is no longer owned by me I have put the queries you have asked and I will respond when I have the answers. However when I had use of it was used for a period for work on three political campaigns they paid me no rent. I had checked at the time and was told that this did not have to be declared.

Thank you for taking the trouble to talk to give me advice on these matters.

10 February 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002