Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex iv4

Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the then Registrar of Members' Interests


As you will recall, you wrote to me on 28 January 2001, seeking advice about the registrability of your property at No.144 Uppingham Road Leicester. In my reply, dated 29 January, I advised you that the property ought to be registered as your office.

You subsequently came to see me and during the course of our conversation mentioned other matters relating to your property interests, including the fact that you own a flat in central London which you use for residential purposes. I explained that, on that basis, the property appeared not to be registrable but I added that, in order to protect your position in view of current media inquiries, it would be sensible for you to write to me explaining the position concerning the London flat (and the other matters you mentioned at our meeting). I would then write to you confirming that, if the London flat is used as a second residence by you or your wife, it need not be registered. Our correspondence would, of course, remain confidential and would be filed in your personal Registry file, to which there is no public access.

Since I have not yet heard from you I thought that I should drop you this note. My particular concern is that we are now in the process of checking proofs for the next printed version of the Register, which is expected to be published shortly. If you wish No. 144 Uppingham Road to appear in the next edition, therefore, I will need to have your confirmation by no later than tomorrow (13 February). This applies, of course, to any other registrable interests you wish to include.

I am sorry to appear to set a deadline in this way, but I thought you would wish to be aware of the timetable to which we are currently working so far as the next printed Register is concerned.

12 February 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002