Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex iv5

Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Congratulations on your re-election.

I was sorry to read in the press that you are still not well and I very much hope that you are now able to take the time to recover properly. I am grateful to Mr Bennett for keeping me informed about your progress.

I apologise once again for the necessity of bringing to your attention further information which I have received. As we agreed when we met in May I am sending new information via Mr Bennett so that he can bring it to your attention only when you are fully recovered.

1. Property

You will recall that I wrote to your solicitor on 19 October 2000 to check that I had complete information from you on your property interests. I said, "For the sake of completeness, would Mr Vaz also give me details of any other properties he owns, their purpose and date of purchase." Your solicitor replied on November 2nd 2000 and I explained in my letter of 9 November why I needed a complete account of any possible registrable interest.

The Today programme and the Sunday Telegraph have provided me with background research information collated from public records concerning your property interests and in some instances, where they appear to be intertwined, those of your mother. I have added the information which you have provided to me and created the attached schedule which sets out the property information of which I am aware, including information about the occupants.

Please would you let me know whether this schedule is correct and complete. If it is not please provide me with a comprehensive and corrected version covering all your property holdings in the United Kingdom or elsewhere from the date of your first election in 1987 to June 2001 and indicating any rental income received from properties. This will enable me to provide accurate information to the Standards and Privileges Committee.

Perhaps you would also confirm what you have already explained to my office, that you personally received no rent in respect of 75 Vanburgh Court and confirm that you have never, since your election in 1987, had any financial interest in 63 to 65 Camden High Street, London, NW1, 77 Langland Crescent, Harrow, 53 Scraptoft Street, Leicester, or 203a Uppingham Road, Leicester.

I see from the Land Registry information that you transferred the ownership of your Kennington flat at Vanburgh Court to your mother on 27th October 2000. I would be grateful if you would let me know why this transaction occurred at this date.

2. Complaint from Mrs E Eggington alleging that Mr and Mrs Vaz employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny

I have received a second complaint from Mrs Eggington based on information provided by Mrs Gresty and supported by other material which I attach.

I would be grateful for your response to this allegation so that I may decide whether any investigation is required.

In particular would you let me know:

    1. Whether your and your wife ever employed Mrs Mary Martin/Ahmed at any time for any purpose.

    2. If so , whether you were aware of the immigration status of Mrs Martin.

3. General Mediterranean Holdings

Please would you give me a description of your relationship with this company or any other company or body associated with it and let me know whether they have provided you with any benefits of any kind at any time from 1987 to date. If they have provided you with any benefits please give a brief description with date and estimated value.

I very much hope you are making a good recovery and will feel able to deal with the outstanding matters shortly.

19 June 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002