Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report


Home Office papers for Ms Shahanara Mary Matin (previously Ahmed) show the following.

30/7/1997  Minutes records that Ms Maria Fernandez from Fernandez Vaz had telephoned IND to say that they are representing Mrs Ahmed, as she was then, and would fax confirmation but nothing in this respect was received. Tramboo Partnership advised 4/8/97 they were aware that Ms Maria Fernandez had an interest in the case but said they were continuing to act as Mrs Ahmed's representatives.

23/12/97  An officer was requested to ring Mr Vaz. When the officer did so Mr Vaz explained that he intended to make representations on Mrs Ahmed's behalf. He also wanted a change to her reporting arrangements. As a result it was arranged that Ms Matin would from 23 December 1997 report on a monthly basis to Northwood Police Station, Middlesex.

15/1/1998  Mr Vaz wrote to IND in respect of Mrs Ahmed

26/1/1999  Marriage of Mrs Ahmed and Mr Matin. Marriage certificate shows Mr Vaz was witness at the wedding

16/2/2000  Mr Vaz wrote to Barbara Roche for progress in respect of Mrs Ahmed

3/1/2001   Officer spoke to Mr Vaz who claimed he had made an application for Mrs Matin to remain shortly after her marriage (January 1999) but had since lost his copy of papers. No trace of such an application on IND files

4/1/2001  Mr Vaz wrote to IND with an application for Mrs Matin to remain on basis of her marriage

3/5/2001  Meeting at House of Commons between Mr Vaz and Mrs Roche to discuss Mrs Matin's case

(IND reference no. M1096059/A339661)

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Prepared 8 February 2002