Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex vi2

Letter to Mr Graeme Peene from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your letter of 8th February 2001 with details of the company in question, documents from Companies House and the letter from Mr Keith Vaz to you of 14th April 1999.

You say that you believe Mr Vaz had an interest in the Russian Butter Export Refund Investigation / M Ltd and you draw my attention to Mr S, a director of Skillshare Africa and to Mr Vaz's directorship of the same company for the period 30 May 1992 to 13 July 1992. You also include lists of directors for Dr. L M Singhvi Foundation and The Crime Concern Trust Ltd. Please would you let me know what connection you believe there was between Mr Vaz and Mr S or either of them with M Ltd. In addition, please provide me with information about any interest Mr Vaz may have had in M Ltd. If there are other connections you feel you should bring to my attention concerning the directorships listed, I would be grateful to hear of them.

Please would you also let me know whether you reported the conversation at Mr Vaz's surgery to any one at the time and, if so, to whom.

Thank you for your further help on this matter.

12 February 2001  

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Prepared 8 February 2002