Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Attachment 1

Letter to Mr Graeme Peene from Ms Caroline Adams, Political Office, 10 Downing Street

It has come to my notice that you have not received a reply to your letter to the Prime Minister dated 29 January 2001. Please accept my sincere apologies.

I have had the opportunity of discussing your case with Keith Vaz. Mr Vaz has subsequently reviewed his file and has informed me that he does not hold any information on it other than what has already been either given him by you or been sent to you as a result of a letter that he has sent on your behalf. Mr Vaz is happy to let you have copies of all this correspondence again if you so wish—there are about 30 letters on file, dating from 10 July 1998 to 30 July 1999.

Mr Vaz expressed disappointment that you are unhappy with the way in which this matter was handled, especially in view of the number of times you thanked him for his kind assistance in this matter.

Mr Vaz will of course be happy to see you again at any of his surgeries.

19 April 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002