Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex vi10

Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


Thank you for your letter of 5 August 2001 in response to mine of 16 May 2001 and copies of correspondence from your case file which you hold on matters raised with you by Mr Peene over a considerable period. I can see that he has referred a number of different matters to you and other bodies and, as you say, has thanked you for your assistance in several letters.

However, as far as I can see the matters referred to in these case file papers do not relate to the complaint Mr Peene has raised with me and on which I asked for your comments.

I can see from your file that you wrote to Mr Peene on 14 April 1999 asking him to attend your surgery. As you will recall from the copies of his complaint letters which I sent to you his allegations concern the meeting which he says then took place between you on 17 April 1999.

So that I may decide whether any further enquiries are required in relation to Mr Peene's letters of complaint I would be grateful to receive your comments on them. In particular:

1.  What was the purpose of your letter to Mr Peene of 14 April 1999?

2.  What is your recollection of the meeting on 17 April 1999?

3.  Did you make the comment at the meeting which Mr Peene alleges in relation to M Ltd and the Russian Butter Export refund investigation? If so, why?

4.  Do you, or did you, have any connection with Mr S and has he raised the question of the investigation with you at any time?

5.  Did Mr Peene raise any of the concerns, which he has put to me, with you at the meeting or afterwards (I note he raised other matters with you after that date.)

6.  Any other comments you wish to make on Mr Peene's allegations.

I am glad to hear from you that you will be writing to me again shortly in response to the other matters which are outstanding and look forward to hearing from you.

I return your case papers relating to Mr Peene herewith.

7 August 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002