Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Attachment 1

Statement by Mrs Pauline Elizabeth Williams

Inquiry by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards into the complaints against Keith Vaz MP

I, Pauline Elizabeth Williams of * * *, state as follows:

1.  I have provided certain information to Elizabeth Filkin about the office of Keith Vaz MP.

2.  I am a constituent of Mr Vaz and have worked in his office dealing with confidential matters. I have personally consulted him as my MP since 1993.

3.  I consent to Mr Vaz giving Mrs Filkin information that he holds in his file concerning myself and my family so that he can give Mrs Filkin full an accurate answers to the points I have raised.

4.  I understand that this information may be published by the Committee on Standards and Privileges and that it may be published in Mrs Filkin's report to the Committee. If it is published it will be in public domain.

5.  I shall make no complaint about the release of this information as I have expressly agreed to its publication and was indeed a party to its publication in the Mail on Sunday.


Pauline Elizabeth Williams

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Prepared 8 February 2002