Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex IV2

Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your letter of 3 October 2001 which we received on 11 October and the information about properties.

The numbers refer to your paragraphs:

89, 91.  I am in the process of analysing the information you have provided and will write to you during next week to deal with any outstanding matters. I hope to be able to provide you with a likely timetable in my letter, though I must warn you that I have experienced serious delays in obtaining information from some witnesses, some of which I am still awaiting.

87.    May I confirm what I said during our telephone conversation earlier this week. No-one acts on my behalf other than staff from this office. You told me that Miss Eggington had indicated to your mother that she was acting on my behalf and you asked me to look into that. You said you would write to me about the incident so that I have the facts. I would be grateful if you would do so.

90.    With reference to your paragraph 35. I understand both from you and the Registrar of the University that you had spoken to each other and that you had said that you did not want to pursue this matter in any way. If this is not the case perhaps you would give me information on the questions you are considering tabling so that I can respond. You also said that you had told the solicitors, Brabner Holden, that you did not wish to be involved in any way with * * * to which your paragraph 19 refers.

You have overlooked my request in my letter of 27 September for a copy of your letter of 6 August which I have never received. Perhaps you would fax it to me by return.

11 October 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002