Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex IV7

File note by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


22 NOVEMBER 2001


Chief Inspector Paul Smith telephoned me to keep me updated. He said he has written a report for me.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith said he has contacted Mr Vaz yesterday and has been informed by Mr Vaz that Mrs Vaz senior has been moved to another hospital. The police will be making inquiries to check that.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith said that they wanted to know what my assessment was of Miss Eggington's credibility. I said she had seemed a credible person to me. That I have had no information provided to me which led me to doubt what she was saying to me. I said that I had formed the impression that she was genuinely concerned for her friend who had previously worked for Mrs Vaz. Her friend had suffered depression and had been in hospital and as I understood it Miss Eggington had been most caring towards her. I said this had been confirmed to me both by Mr and Mrs Gresty.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith said that they would be tracing the calls into Mrs Vaz senior's home and they wished of course to trace calls on Miss Eggington's line. I said as far as I knew Miss Eggington would be delighted with this as she had suggested it herself.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith asked me whether Miss Eggington knew that Mr Vaz had made these allegations against her and I said yes, I had put them to her and she has made a statement about them. I said she seemed to me to be very cross that these allegations had been made against her.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith asked whether I knew what Miss Eggington now did as her occupation. I said as far as I knew she worked part-time for the Foreign Office showing foreign visitors around London. I said indeed I had bumped into her when she was carrying out this task in the House of Commons.

I suggested that if Chief Inspector Paul Smith wanted confirmation of her background that he should contact the Metropolitan Police. He said they had done that already.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith asked me to give him Miss Eggington's telephone numbers which I did.

Chief Inspector Paul Smith said he would keep me up to date and let me have something in writing.

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Prepared 8 February 2002