Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex IV8

Documents provided by Chief Inspector K P Smith

  Leicestershire Constabulary internal memorandum to Anne Chafer, Corporate Development, FHQ,

  from Chief Inspector K P Smith  


The purpose of this report is to apprise you of a request for information recently received from Ms Elizabeth Filkin, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, House of Commons.

The request concerns recent contact made by Mr Keith Vaz MP to me, the facts of which are outlined in document 'A'.[181]

Briefly Mr Vaz contacted me on the 5th October 2001, alleging that his mother Mrs M Vaz of * * *, had received a number of phone calls from a woman by the name of Mrs Egginton. During the call he alleged that Mrs Egginton claimed to be a police officer and, although Mr Vaz was vague about the content of the calls, he claimed that this had distressed his mother.

Mr Vaz went on to say that his mother had since been admitted to hospital with * * * and was unavailable for interview.

No records or recording was made of the alleged calls and a discussion took place concerning possible suspects for the call and the extent of Mrs Vaz's recollection of the words said. Speculation took place as to why Mrs Egginton would make such a call as her contact with the Vaz family appeared peripheral.

Some discreet enquiries took place in the Metropolitan Police District in anticipation of Mrs Vaz being fit for interview but on the 1st November 2001, I again spoke to Mr Vaz who stated that his mother was still in hospital and quite ill.

I made a note of this conversation and appended it to my earlier report outlined in document 'A'.

PS 4160 Dian Underwood conducted enquiries with the Metropolitan Police and she made some brief notes contained within document 'B'.[182]

The extent of her enquiries are outlined in her report contained within document 'C'.[183]

On the morning of Tuesday, 20th November 2001, Mrs Filkin contacted me from the House of Commons. A conversation took place concerning my contact with Mr Vaz and she explained that she was conducting an enquiry into his activities.

She explained that a Mrs Egginton was a major witness in that enquiry, a fact of which I was unaware.

I explained that Mrs Vaz had not been interviewed as yet due to her condition but I stated that I would be following this up in the near future.

On Wednesday, 21st November 2001, I caused an enquiry to be made at * * *. The house appeared unoccupied.

On the morning of Thursday 22nd November 2001, I again spoke to Mr Vaz and ascertained that his mother remains in the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.

Mrs Filkin has formally requested to view my report and the notes associated with PS Underwood's enquiries. She has written to me outlining the request shown at document 'D'.[184]

I would be grateful if you would examine the attached documents in light of Mrs Filkin's letter. I would ask that you provide your recommendations with a view to the provision of these documents with the authority of the Chief Constable.

22 November 2001

  Leicestershire Constabulary internal memorandum to Inspector A Rowlson, Hamilton LPU,

  from Chief Inspector K P Smith  


On the morning of Friday 5th October 2001, the Chief Constable's Secretary contacted me to arrange contact with Mr Keith Vaz on his pager.

Later that day he rang me and related a story concerning an ex employee of his wife. This woman, whilst in the employ of Mrs Vaz became mentally ill and eventually became embroiled in harassment allegations. I am told she was eventually arrested and dealt with at Baker Street Police Station in the Metropolitan Police Area.

Connected with this ex employee was another woman who was a friend/advocate.

This woman, a Mrs Egginton of * * *, initially presented herself as a representative of the ex employee during her contact with Mrs Vaz. (She claimed she was ex 'employee' of the Metropolitan Police).

However, Mr Vaz now claims that Egginton has made several calls to his mother at her Leicester address claiming to be a police officer. The exact content of these calls are not known as son after Mrs Vaz was admitted to the Leicester General hospital with * * *, where she is still being cared for.

The original harassment allegations surrounding the ex employee was dealt with by a 'Mark' and 'Peter' of the Crime Prevention Unit at Baker Street.

In short, I have given some basic advice to Mr Vaz in connection with the receipt of calls at his mother's address. I have been assured that no evidence/recording exists of the alleged phone call to Mrs Vaz and Mr Vaz was extremely vague as to the exact detail to these events although I know that he has not pressed his mother due to her condition.

This report is for your information at the moment and I have asked P.S. Dian Underwood to do the following: —

1.  Check local CIS/Intelligence re contact from Mrs Vaz.

2.  Glean what we can from the Metropolitan Police.

3.  Inform Nationality for their information only.

4.  Report back to me with a view to re-contact Mr/Mrs Vaz senior.

8 October 2001

Notes of Update

9.04 am 1/11/01 — Mr Vaz recontacted me to state that his mother remains in hospital. She is quite ill. No one has been at her address to receive any calls since the initial contact but he intends to have the number changed on her return. In view of this is has not been possible to interview Mrs Vaz.

Mr Vaz is happy to leave this situation as it is. He is aware that insufficient detail exists at the moment to record this as a 'crime' but he knows to contact me directly if further evidence comes to light.

He is happy with the police action so far, and I will re-contact in due course.

[Signed: K P Smith]

1 November 2001

181   Not included in documents provided to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Back

182   Not included in documents provided to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Back

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